Wickman Products Company History

Wickman Products was started in 1999 when Bryce Huie designed the Wickman candle tool. The tool is perfect for solving many candle problems like broken-off wicks, buried wicks, off-center wicks, as well as functions like snuffing the candle and carving off unwanted wax from pillar candles.  After extensive marketing of the Wickman candle tool turned up a need for a unique candle wick trimmer, the original wick trimmer with debris catching trays was designed in 2001 and was an immediate hit.  Upon this items success the company has grown over the last 18 years to become one of the candle industry’s premier candle accessory manufacturers and wholesale candle accessory distributors.

 The company offers an assortment of candle wick trimmers, wick dippers, bell snuffers and other candle accessories.   The items come in multiple finishes like antique brass, matte black, pewter and nickel. 

Other unique candle accessories include wick dippers, which snuff the candle without letting the wick continue to smoke and smolder.  This new candle snuffing technique leaves your room or office smelling like the candle’s fragrance instead of smoke and soot residue.  Many people confuse the function of wick dippers with traditional snuffers.  However, traditional bell-shaped snuffers are intended for tapered candles only.  These original candle snuffers were designed hundreds of years ago, when only tapered candles were being made, to prevent blowing wax off the tip of the candle onto church alters and home fixtures.  Modern day container candles like jars and glass tumblers don’t have this messy problem.  The wick dipper works by pushing the burning wick over into the pool of wax, thus quenching and snuffing the candle instantly.  When raised and centered, the wick is now coated and sealed with wax, preserving it with fuel until the next burn.  Your room will no longer smell like smoke after extinguishing your scented candle... 

   If you are into packaging, Wickman Products has a simple, sophisticated look.  Items are available in decorative gift boxes, packaged in singles and multi packs.  The candle accessory multi packs make wonderful gifts for any candle lover.

    If you are interested in carrying our line in your retail store, please send us a message through our contact Wholesale Info page.  We'll send you information asap.  

            Thanks for being a fan of Wickman.